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Glazing Services

Sky Access UK

Glazing is a fragile surface and it is critical that the utmost safety is taken when conducting works on, or in the vicinity of, glass. It is crucial that works are conducted by experienced, fully qualified high level glazing technicians.

We have over 20 years experience working with glazing refurbishment projects and have always ensured we are qualified to conduct works in a safe manner. Our team are all IRATA qualified allowing them to use approved rope techniques in their day to day work. We also have in-house level 3 IRATA technicians, critical for supervision of rope access projects, setting us apart from several of our glazing maintenance competitors. Our operatives are trained as IPAF operators permitting them to use scissor lifts and cherry pickers, amongst other access machinery. We are also PASMA qualified to allow the use of alloy access towers.

Our services include high level glass replacements, glazing refurbishment projects, emergency make safes, leak detection and rectification, annual glazing maintenance, and Health and Safety glazing inspections.

High Level Glass Replacements

From one off glass changes to complete glazed roof overhauls we are the company for you. Our experience ranges from working on large high level glass replacements using powered suction lifters and cranes in central city locations, to large schedule replacements to shopping centres and office buildings. If you have cracked glass, smashed glass, condensation in double glazed units, or just tired looking glass we are able to provide a second to none service to replace any defective panels with new. We only install safety glass suitable for application so our clients can be assured that they will be getting the best that money can buy. Tinted glass or specialist glass? We will do the extensive background research to ensure we can offer the closest glass match to your existing, even if it is obsolete. Our suppliers can offer a wide range of tints, including specialist thermal performing units that can help to save your company money.

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Emergency Making Safe

When a glass breakage occurs, safety has to be a priority, particularly with high level glazing. The glass will need to be replaced but in the interim we offer an emergency call out to ensure that any defective glass is made safe. We are able to carry out controlled removal of the shattered glass, install emergency safety film or board up open apertures depending on the project.

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Leak Detection and Rectification

Glazing systems require regular maintenance to ensure they perform correctly and when this does not occur then they become susceptible to water ingress. Our services include water tests to  glazing systems in order to determine the cause and locations of any ingress. We will provide a report of our findings including remedial recommendations to restore the functionality of the glazing. Not only will we find and fix your leaks but we will provide a warranty against them recurring.

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Annual Glazing Maintenance / Glazing Refurbishment

Many issues with glazing occur because of a lack of regular maintenance which is why Sky Access UK offer a maintenance service that will extend the lifespan of your glazing system. Our package comes with a year round rolling warranty against water ingress. This means if you have an issue just give us a call and we will fix it free of charge. By signing up to an annual maintenance package we will offer you discounted rates on other maintenance works.

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Glazing Surveys and Inspections

The experience we have at Sky Access UK means we are well placed to offer inspections to all types of glazing systems. This includes full H&S and dilapidation reports, water tests to identify leaks and full photographic schedules. Once the glazing inspection is complete we provide a comprehensive detailed report itemising all defects along with remedial recommendations to restore the full working order of the glazing system.

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Glazing Cleans

Sky Access UK’s glazing clean services range from a mop and squeegee clean, to deep cleans both internally and externally. Depending on requirements, we are able to clean just the glass or the entire glazing system including framework and bar-work.

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