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Case Study

Sky Access UK

High Level Glass Replacement, Southampton

We were contacted by a new client to provide a price for a single high-level glass replacement at a high security building in Southampton. The difficulty with this glass replacement is the abundant steelwork surrounding the glass making it problematic to get the glass to and from the aperture.

Our client had previously been provided quotations based on the use of cranes. This was an obvious starting point due to the size and weight of the glass, but following our free site survey we devised a method that could safely replace the glass at a fraction of the cost.

By utilising a small counterbalanced floor crane set up at roof level with IRATA rope technicians positioned internally and externally the glass could be safely manoeuvred to and from the aperture. After carrying out a controlled removal of the shattered glass we could attach our powered suction lifter and release the fixings.

The glass was carefully guided through the steelwork and into position. The fixings could then be tightened and the glass secured. The final step was to apply silicone butt seals around the perimeter of the glass to leave a very satisfied and impressed client.