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General Building Maintenance

Our qualifications allow us to safely access areas of buildings that regular maintenance companies cannot. We therefore offer a wide range of services to help maintain our client’s buildings in an efficient, cost effective manner. Our services include:
  • Painting and decorating – internally or externally, we can get to those tricky areas and provide a hand or spray finish where other contractors cannot safely access.
  • Brickwork – the up-keep of a buildings brickwork is crucial to ensuring a fully functioning building structure. We are able to, replace any defective brickwork or repoint any failing joints. From an initial survey we will confirm your requirements and provide you with most cost effective way of maintaining your building.
  • Rendering – as with brickwork, the maintenance of a buildings render is very important in making sure a building is water tight. We can conduct testing to existing render to ensure it is in good condition, carry out patchwork repairs to existing render, or knock out and replace entire areas.
  • Gutter works – a lack of regular maintenance to gutters can lead to significant problems. Over time joints in the gutter will degrade and are a common source of water ingress. Blocked downpipes are similarly problematic. We are able to clear all debris to gutters and install a variety of linings to suit the gutter in question. Also, as a preventative measure we install covers to prevent the build up of debris in the future, meaning the lifespan of your gutter will be increased.
  • Roofing – whether it is slate, tile or lead repairs you require we have the skills in-house to fully refurbish your roof.

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Lightning Protection

If you require specialist access personnel to carry out installation projects, annual testing and inspections, repair and maintenance to all types of lightning protection then we are able to supply experienced technicians that can fulfil your needs.

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We have vast experience in the carrying out installation works for our clients. We are able to carry out the following:
  • Banner installation – whether you require the installation of large advertising banners or if you want to cover a scaffold with something more aesthetically pleasing there is no project that we are unable to complete.
  • Vinyl installation – advertising, decoration or safety manifestations, the installation of vinyl is a specialist procedure particularly when working at height. We have skilled, experienced installers that will ensure you get a bubble free finish giving a great visual impact.
  • Signage installation – often the first thing to catch the eye on a commercial building so a professional installation is crucial. We complete single facias to complete re-brands offering an expert finish to suit our clients’ requirements.

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High Level Surveys and Inspections

We are able to conduct surveys to any high level areas required. As with our glazing inspections we will provide a comprehensive report of all findings with recommendations for any remedial works required.

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Pest Control

We offer tailored and cost effective bird control and bird proofing solutions. If you have a problem with pigeons, seagulls, starlings or sparrows then we offer a variety of solutions.
  • Spikes – usually used on any areas where birds would naturally want to land and/or nest the installation of spikes will prevent them landing. We have installed spikes the ridge and hips of glazed roofs, internal steel work, signs and building ledges. The spikes are fixed with a silicone adhesive meaning no damage is sustained to the building structure.
  • Netting – the use of bird netting is most commonly the most cost efficient method of bird control. Tensioned polythene nets are used to prevent access of birds to a variety of locations, from the underside of canopies and open aired roofs to car parks or building.
  • Wires – most useful for long lengths of building ledges where spikes can be too expensive.

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Anything Else?

If there is any other specialist access service you require please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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